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For those unit safety officers looking for alternate means for pilots who miss their monthly safety meetings, try these from AOPA ASF.

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Lt Col Barry Metz
Phone 610-429-9984
Director of Safety

E-Safety Newsletter


New Safety Email Address   We have a new email address for all safety related business. The new address is This new address follows the same format as used for the other departments in Pa Wing. Any safety related material should be sent to the new address. My other email address, will still be used for other CAP matters. But you may use either one.

Where did the form 26, 78 and 79 GO?   The forms are gone; everything is now done on-line under e-services. To find where to file a mishap (the new name for the old 78 form) go to e-services, click on Safety Management System (SMS) either on the left side or on the right side, if authorized. There you will find all the items you need to file a mishap (incident). You will first find a Box that says "File a new Mishap (1)", click on this and you are taken to a form where you just submit "the facts and nothing but the facts" in other words just the important facts of the mishap. No names, titles, or identifying information. For example, "Lt Col John Smith was on the North side of Main Street walking to the local Wal-Mart for the reason of purchasing batteries for East Brandywine composite squadron 9908 when he tripped on a broken branch of a Maple tree. Lt Col Smith showed great bravely by dragging his greatly sprained ankle back to the Squadron headquarters where he was attended to by the squadron EMT Major Dave Smith (no relation) and he decided to call West End Ambulance who arrived in 5 minutes and transported to Shamokin General Hospital where he was treated by given Col Smith an aspirin and told to stay off his ankle for a few days"

The correct version is "senior member tripped on a branch and was transported to the hospital for evaluation." This is what should be in part 1; part 2 is completed after more facts come to light. In part two, names are added in the proper areas. Unfortunately, the first description is what we normally receive.

To learn more about this, click on :On-line Safety Education" and courses are listed concerning the SMS program. Just click on the first course, take the course and when you pass it you also get you monthly safety credit.

The form 26 is now called "file a hazard report"     The 79 is no longer a form and only members designated by either the Wing Commander or the Wing Director of Safety will be authorized to investigate the incident.

And that's it, you can also find all the reports that you have used in the past in the SMS.

Other Items

With all the changes being made with the Safety Management System, it would be a wise idea for our members attend the PA Wing Conference coming up in September. All will be explained to you.

And finally, I completed the first ever CAP National Safety College held at Kirtland AFB in New Mexico. It was a fantastic experience and you will be seeing many of the changes recommended by the students of the college being phased into the CAP Safety program.

SAFETY - Everyone is a Safety Officer!

Barry Metz, Lt Col, CAP
Director of Safety
CAP Pennsylvania Wing

DeEtte Riley, Lt Col, CAP
Assistant Director of Safety
Ground Activity
CAP Pennsylvania Wing

Bruce Russell, Maj, CAP
Assistant Director of Safety
Air Operations
CAP Pennsylvania Wing

A great Safety Resource: The NE Region Safety Newsletter at
Safety is Job #1