U. S. Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol
Pennsylvania Wing Group 3
Safety - COVs

11 November, 2008


Recently there have been several mishaps resulting in structural damage to CAP COV involved.

Each mishap involved in or out backing of the COV with only the driver onboard.

Due to the fact that there are Blind Spots when looking rearward or when backing, the following preventative actions shall be implemented:

  1. When the driver is alone, before entering or exiting through backing, the driver will carefully inspect the area around the COV on foot to determine that there are no potential hazards or obstructions.
  2. When there is at least one additional CAP Member aboard, that additional Member will serve as a Guide Walker, by disembarking from the COV and guiding the driverís actions as the COV is entering or exiting the parking slot/site after assuring there is/are no potential hazards or obstructions. The Guide Walker must be easily seen by the COV Driver and not place himself/herself in the COVís direct path of travel.
  3. At any CAP activity, such as SAR Missions, SAREX, cadet programs, etc., the activity Safety Officer is responsible for assuring proper care, security, and safety is present during CAP COV operations.
  4. When necessary a COV driver may adjust inside and outside mirrors to fit the driverís field of vision needs.

While only minor structural damages have occurred thus far, one of our Wings CY 2008 losses have exceeded $ 1,000.00. This is Unsatisfactory.

Zero Defects remains our wing goal.

NOTE: Online completion and submission of CAPF 78 is required for all accidents.

REPLY TO: pkoch@ner.cap.gov

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